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Excellence & Quality

Welcome to Diconsat, we are an integral services corporation, based in Ecuador, that works in different business lines, every one of our business lines are carefully managed in order to provide our customers the best quality and excellence in our products and services.

  • Construction

    Our architecture and engineering teams work together to create exclusive construction designs for each of our clients, quality works according to their needs and preferences. We advise you on the purchase and sale of real estate, remodeling, new construction, we have highly qualified personnel for your peace of mind and confidence.

  • Technology

    We have the best electronic equipment, computer systems, networking services, IT consultancies and more for your home, company or business. Our technology department works together with the Construction and Engineering department in order to offer building automation.

  • Tourism

    We are passionate about discovering new places and offering the best travel experience life in the world. One of our top destinations in the world and which make us pride are the Galápagos Islands in Ecuador. The Galapagos Islands have been declared UNESCO World Heritage Site due to the fact that they serve as an emblem of a pristine ecosystem that is thriving with countless unique creatures, many of which are found nowhere else in the world!

  • Training

    We have qualified experts in each of the areas we handle in our business lines. We provide training that includes theory and practice in areas such as design, construction, automation, technology, finance, administration, agroforestry, among others, allowing you to stay at the forefront of the latest market trends.

  • Business & Administration

    Your products in Latin America or Latin America in you. We help businesses and companies to enter new local or international markets, our experts are available to provide you assistance in the whole process. Let the value of your service or product be recognized, and exceed borders.

  • D'store

    D'Store is a online marketplace that provides products and services to Ecuadorians.

We are experts in the next fields:

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    Construction & Real Estate
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    Architecture & Design
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    Hardware & Software
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    IT & Networking
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    Business & Administration
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    National & International Tourism

Our Partners

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